Is All About Being Positive

Is all about staying positive, You just have to keep your smile on your face and carry on. Get punched on the face? Not that bad. Burned alive? Who cares about that? Just smile, smile, smile. Being drowned with the cats? At least the dog is having fun. Someone hacking your arm? Give them a … Continue reading Is All About Being Positive


Is about running?

One foot in front of the other, That’s walking. Do it faster, That’s pacing. Even faster? That’s not running. To run you need both feet flying every now and then. Is like jumping but shorter. Skipping, but not. Both feet on the air longer? That’s jumping! The longer and farther you spring the better you … Continue reading Is about running?


Shade Duchess, Irish Goddess, Dark Beauty, Obscure Duty, Black Forest, Sweet Oddest. How can something be so devoid of light raise a heart so much? Why should I give a bunch? Just let me drink you whole, And your magic to feel my soul, Black Sorcery Stout.