Life is Full of Crossing Paths

I was coming back home when I got off the bus. It was midway back, in Islington. I got off since it is an area full of stores and interesting things, though after close inspection half of it was stores and the other half pubs and cafes with a church or club here and there. Everything looked more like a variation of something else rather than an original idea. I saw Brand Cafe Chains, close to them I saw deli-cafes, fancy cafes, patisseries that served coffee, pubs with a lot of coffee brands in it, ironic cafes. All so similar it quickly got boring.

On one of those cafes there was a “Help Wanted” poster. I waltzed in immediately since I am hunting for a job now and working at an independent cafe would be a nice change of scene from the monotones of unemployment. I was just expecting to just leave my CV and be out of my way when I stare at the cashier and he stares back, there is a brief “I know this guy” feeling crossing our minds. Is there when I discover I actually know the guy, we crossed paths one day in a Costa Coffee Shop. It was a small thing, I offered a napkin and to talk after I saw he was crying. He was okay, we had a chat, had a laugh, discovered that the tears were out of happiness and after that we went our merry ways. We crossed paths a couple more times after that and laughed but that was it. I never expected he would be working there, or that he would help me handle my CV directly to the day manager so I could get an interview next week.

After the whole experience I was left in a very high mood, with a very high hopes for the nearby future. I don’t know what will happen after that or if I’ll have a chance to being employed there, but I am happy to see that you can go around and get very good surprises out of life.


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