About Change

Is all about the step. The performance or lack thereof. Is all about deciding to be the antagonist or the protagonist. To defy life or let yourself be carried by it.

Change is all inevitable. We like it or not it happens. It can be drastic or gradual. It can happen in a blink or build over decades. Change will happen, and it will happen because nothing ever build can last forever.

You cannot try to stop change from happening. The longer you try to stop it the longer you build the amount of change to be unleashed upon yourself, because by the end of it all change does not come in one way or form. We can stop a river if we desire, but that won’t stop the world to be affected by the river, change will occur anyways and change will turn things in a different way. Because you see, change is not interested in how it changes, its only interested in change itself. Whichever form change takes change will happen. Is a fools errand to stop the inevitable, to defy the unstoppable, to undo the undoable.

Change is an eternal path, but is a living path. It is a path that can’t be tamed, but it is a path that can be guided. Change can’t be mastered, but it can be set in a course. You can bargain with change for a path to be taken if you are willing to be the agent of change, to be the one that faces the world and makes it change.

To live in the end is to become an agent of change and set change into the world. Not to become one with change, but to chose the change you want to create.

What will it be then, will life change you or you will change life?


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