My Meaning

I believe nothing is meaningless, no matter how much we try to ignore it meaning is everywhere. Is on meaning where we build our experiences and growth, our ideas and fears. To see what lies behind the event is what makes the experience a part of life on its own since it is the way of life to offer us a piece of ourselves to build ourselves. Set piece is not there though to tell us how to be, is a piece that help us understand who we are.

For me meaning is a mirror of wisdom. Is through the event that we reflect ourselves and through the changes we observe is where we find the meaning. Where that meaning will lead us will always be attached to how we perceive the world, it goes hand by hand with our own intellect.

So where does the feeling of meaningless comes from? As I see it is the reflection of pure intellect, without wisdom. Wisdom is the depth our intellect needs to perceive the full scope of the world. Where there is no wisdom there is no mirror and where there is no mirror there is no self-reflection, and thus no meaning.

Those who find no meaning have stopped looking into themselves, they have stopped seeing their world from where they begin, from where it all comes and goes in their own lives.

Never lose sight of yourself, if you do you will lose the sense of meaning in life. and when you do you will lose sight of who you can become and with it of the path you build for yourself.


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