The Fly and I

"Buzz! Buzz! I am a Fly!" buzzed the Fly as it flew around me. "I am a Fly and I will eat your dirt while annoying you forever!"   With a quick motion of my hand I slap the fly, dead and crashed on the table is the fly.   "Buzz! Buzz! I am the … Continue reading The Fly and I



I have seen many things, thought many idea, But sometimes things stop. They do not slow down gradually. Well, they do a bit at first, but is all characterized by a sudden stop at one point. Abrupt and dangerous. As you stand still you suddenly wander if all of it is worth it? The hard … Continue reading Stop

My Meaning

I believe nothing is meaningless, no matter how much we try to ignore it meaning is everywhere. Is on meaning where we build our experiences and growth, our ideas and fears. To see what lies behind the event is what makes the experience a part of life on its own since it is the way … Continue reading My Meaning


About Change

Is all about the step. The performance or lack thereof. Is all about deciding to be the antagonist or the protagonist. To defy life or let yourself be carried by it. Change is all inevitable. We like it or not it happens. It can be drastic or gradual. It can happen in a blink or … Continue reading About Change


Life is Full of Crossing Paths

I was coming back home when I got off the bus. It was midway back, in Islington. I got off since it is an area full of stores and interesting things, though after close inspection half of it was stores and the other half pubs and cafes with a church or club here and there. … Continue reading Life is Full of Crossing Paths